Buffalo HS-DH250GL

To determine the OLD (v1) or NEW (v2) hardware, compare the following rear-view images
- note the position of the power cable socket (at top in new hardware, at side in old):

Linkstation_live1_rear.jpg Linkstation_live2_rear.jpg

Specifications (v1)

Firmware: JP/US ver.2.10 (2010/07/20)(90.75MB)

Search model HS-DH250GL
Firmware update for HS-DHGL

Receiving username / password prompt on an open share

If you get prompted screenbox for username and password on an open share or cannot log in with the usernames on the device, Windows is trying to log on using local users on the computer.

To fix this for an open share:

  1. Use "NASguest" as the username and no password.
  2. Replace "NAS" with the network name or IP address of the device.

To fix this for an access restricted share:

  1. Use "NASuser" as the username and enter the password.
  2. Replace "NAS" with the network name or IP address of the device and "user" with the username.


If Buffalo cannot mount the HD, not in EM mode

  1. Direct cable between Win7 & Buffalo
  2. Turn off Win 7 firewall
  3. Set IP to
  4. Press red buttom 10 second to reset Buffalo to factory default
    (Buffalo IP should be if DHCP no response)
    (login: admin pwd: password)
  5. Power off Buffalo
  6. Power on Buffalo
  7. Use LSUpdater to find Buffalo
  8. Update Buffalo

If Buffalo is in EM mode, or the HD inside don't have Firmware. Buffalo will beep and give 6 flash LED error code

  1. Power off Buffalo
  2. Start up TFTP server, has u-boot.buffalo & uImage.buffalo in directory
  3. Power on Buffalo

If the LinkStation encounters an error, it will be reported in the LinkStation status on the top of any of the Web-Based configuration screens.

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