Keyword Discovery
- collects keyword data from over 200 search engines in the world

Google Keyword Tool
- shows you search volume keyword data of the previous month, average search volume of the past 12 months, and advertiser competitions.

Google Search-based Keyword Tool
- gives new keyword suggestions that are: a) Not currently in your Adwords account; b) Based on the actual search queries on Google; c) Matched to specific web pages of your site

Google Trends
- allows compare up to 5 topics (or keywords) and see how often they have been searched on Google

Google Insights for Search
- allows compare search volume patterns of (topics or) keywords across specific regions and time frames
Chinese Keyword Research Tools

Google Adwords Optimization
Optimization of Google Adwords through
- Quality Score and ads
- keywords and keyword types:
- bid optimization tools, editing tools and conversion tracking tools:
- Google Adwords PPC Optimization
Optimization of
- content network (or display network) and remarketing ads:
- landing pages
Google Analytics allows to monitor and track keyword performance of Google Adwords
Google full set of SEM tools

All the optimization techniques for Google Adwords search campaigns include
1) Quality Score,
2) account structure
3) ad copy writing
4) keyword research
5) keyword bidding
6) location and language targeting
7) reporting and conversion tracking
8) landing pages:

Baidu Phoenix Nest Optimization
Optimization tools for Baidu PPC include
- keyword research
- editing tool
- search queries: keyword research tool, PPC Editor, PPC search queries
Tracking keyword conversions and analyzing your website traffic collected through:
- Baidu PPC conversion tracking
- Baidu Analytics

Optimizing through understanding the difference between Baidu Phoenix Nest and Google Adwords:

Bing Adcenter Optimization
Optimization tools for Microsoft’s Bing Adcenter includes keyword research tools and editing tools:
- Microsoft Adcenter Desktop
- Bing keyword tools
Conversion tracking through Bing Adcenter’s built-in keyword conversion tracking tool and Google Analytics:
- Adcenter conversion tracking
- Track Bing Adcenter PPC keyword conversions in Google Analytics
Campaign transition from Yahoo Search Marketing to Bing Adcenter:
- Bing Adcenter PPC optimization, Yahoo PPC to Adcenter tips

  1. Create a Blog

  2. Keyword Search tools - Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery

  3. Use META Description Tag

    One brief sentence that will entice a user to click your link. A little sensationalism never hurt META description will only show if the search team is in the META description

  4. Deep Linking

    To acquire links to all your important pages, not just your home page. Linking to sub-pages will help those pages rank well. Diggs or other social bookmarking services

  5. Internal Links

    Site's navigation, internal linking strategy or body text links. Must include internal links within my content

  6. SiteMap

    poor link, sparse navigation 4-column sitemap:

  7. Duplicate Content & URL Canonicalization

    Canonicalization - process of converting data that has more than one possible representation into a "Standard" canonical representation avoid duplicate pages on site

  8. Social Bookmarking

    Digg,, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Squidoo, Furl, BlinkList, BlinkBits,, Simpy, Spurl, Yahoo MyWeb,

  9. Link to your homepage correctly

    Always link to "root address" not the filename, i.e. Home --> NOT --> Home Home --> NOT --> Home NOT use "Home", try to use a keyword in the internal links to your homepage when possible

  10. Seven Secret - Research Your Keyword Phrases

  11. Seven Secret - SEO-Friendly Website

    hurt SEO: flash, sparse text, javascript navigation, 404 error, using graphics instead of text, deeply nested pages

  12. Seven Secret - Write Unique Page Titles

    Every webpage on your site have different and unique title. It is the most important part of webpage when search engines are determining your webpage message and ranking

  13. Seven Secret - Write Focused Content

    Bad: a webpage try to be too many things and dilute its true message. Separate page on different theme or topics

  14. Seven Secret - Insert Keywords

    Write descriptive and keyword-rich title List keyword phrase in titles, headers and content

  15. Seven Secret - Build Keyword Rich Links

    link building strategic - choose the right text to link to your site

  16. Seven Secret - Find Quality Links

    Acquiring links is the most important off-site task - have large number of link + high quality (popular and trusted sites) site carry more weight

  17. Know google service

    AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Answers, Base, Blog, Blog Search, Bookmarks, Books Search, code, code search, desktop, deskbar Directory, Finance, Earth, Groups, Holiday Logos, Images, Jobs, Labs, Local, Mail, Maps, Mars, Mobile, Moon, Movies, Music Reader, Remove URL, Scholar, Sitemaps, Search History, SMS, Suggest, Talk, Toolbar, Translate, Trends, Video, Web API, Web Search