MAME2 Default Keymap

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Default Keymap
Main Keys
5,6,7,8 Insert coin
1,2,3,4 Players 1 - 4 start buttons
9,0 Insert service coin (Needed by some games)
F1 Enables raster special effects in certain games.
F2 Test/Service Switch
F3 Game Reset
F4 Show the game graphics. Use cursor keys to change the set or colour.
F7 Load a saved game state from a slot number.
Shift+F7 Save game state to 1 of 10 slots.
F8 Decrease frame skip during a game.
F9 Increase frame skip during a game.
F10 Speed Throttle (Makes game overspeed)
F11 Frames Per Second and Frameskip information
Left Shift + F11 Enables the profiler in debug versions.
F12 Saves image of game screen to snaps directory.
P Pause the game
Shift + P Skip one frame forward if paused.
Esc Exit from game
"~" or "�" (Above Tab) Volume Control
Tab Access Mame's in-game menu
Control Keys (Default)
Arrow Keys Controller (Player 1)
Left Ctrl Fire 1 (Player 1)
Left Alt Fire 2 (Player 1)
Space Fire 3 (Player 1)
Left Shift Fire 4 (Player 1)
Z Fire 5 (Player 1)
X Fire 6(Player 1)
R,F,G,D Controller (Player 2)
A Fire 1 (Player 2)
S Fire 2 (Player 2)
Q Fire 3 (Player 2)
W Fire 4 (Player 2)
Not Set By Default Fire 5 (Player 2)
Not Set By Default Fire 6 (Player 2)
Playchoice 10 Additional Keys
5 Adds Time
0 Select Game
1 Toggles 1 or 2 Player Mode
2 Start Game
These are the default keys found in Mame. You will find that certain games will use additional keys
in order to make them run. You can find out these keys by pressing the "Tab" key during a game and
selecting "Input (this game)". A good example of this is Hard Drivin' which uses the "Right Shift" for
its clutch and "a" as its gear shift.
Changing The Default Keys
To change the game control keys simply run the game you want to play. Once the game has loaded
press the "Tab" key to open the in-game menu and highlight "Input (this game)".
Press enter and you will see this screen�

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