Enable "HotKeys" -> "Use Command"

1.  click a window, i.e. highlight IE, highlight notepad, etc.
2.  click "Win + G" to enter command mode
3.    press below key to function, or ESC to leave this mode
    Number-key : the window will be moved to the corresponding grid part
    N : GridMove will switch to the next grid
    M : maximize state will be toggled.
    0 : the window will be minimized.
R : the configuratoin script will be reloaded.

Enable "HotKeys" -> "Use Fast Move"
  press "Win + 1" : put the window into the first grid part


Grid Part - Position and Sizing

GridTop | GridBottom | GridLeft | GridRight - define Grid part size and location

  WindowWidth |  WindowHeight
  Monitor1Top | Monitor1Bottom | Monitor1Left | Monitor1Right
  Monitor2Top | Monitor2Bottom | Monitor2Left | Monitor2Right
  Monitor3Top | Monitor3Bottom | Monitor3Left | Monitor3Right

MonitorReal1Top | MonitorReal1Bottom | MonitorReal1Left | MonitorReal1Right
  < Real ignore Window menu bar, hence real size of screen resolution >

TriggerTop | TriggerBottom | TriggerLeft | TriggerRight - define area which trigger the window set the Grid part

Grid Part - Advance

Restore | AlwaysOnTop | Maximize | Minimize
Create Triggers that do more than just resize a window. You can create a Trigger for below

a) set that window to stay on top of other windows by replacing all Grid locations with "AlwaysOnTop" - like this:
  GridTop   = AlwaysOnTop
  GridBottom= AlwaysOnTop
  GridLeft  = AlwaysOnTop
  GridRight = AlwaysOnTop
Tip: to stop a window from staying on top change it to "AlwaysOnTop" a second time - This should return it to normal.

b) restore the window to it's previous size by replacing all the Grid locations with "Restore" - like this:
  GridTop   = Restore
  GridBottom= Restore
  GridLeft  = Restore
  GridRight = Restore

c) maximize a window by replacing all Grid locations with "Maximize" - like this:
  GridTop   = Maximize
  GridBottom= Maximize
  GridLeft  = Maximize
  GridRight = Maximize

d) minimize a window by replacing the Grid locations with:
  GridTop       = Run
  GridBottom    = Minimize
  GridLeft      = Plugins\MinimizeWindow.exe
  GridRight     =
Grid order does not matter 
Important that: GridTop = Run, GridBottom = Minimize, GridLeft = Plugins\MinimizeWindow.exe

f) maximize a window's height like this:
  GridTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  GridBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft  = WindowWidth
  GridRight = WindowWidth

g) maximize a window's width like this:
  GridTop   = WindowHeight
  GridBottom= WindowHeight
  GridLeft  = [Monitor1Left]
  GridRight = [Monitor1Right]

Grid Part - Launch Program + Fix position

If you want to use GridMove to launch external programs use the following Grid Commands:

  GridTop    = Run
  GridBottom = Name to display in Trigger area
  GridLeft   = Program path & name

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